[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the right honorable my
verie good Ladie the
Countesse of Shrewsburie
give thease./
mr wyllobye
[Letter Text: Notes]
Vrgent occasyon hath made me bolde to write vnto your
Ladieshippe at this instant; My wife hath beene longe
sicke, and for the recoverie of her health is at
Buckstones, wheare havinge receaved noe healpe is growne
to suche weakenesse, that nowe beinge desyrous to retorne
home is not able to adventure the iorneye eyther
on horsebacke or in a coache. Whearfore I am humblie
to desyre your Ladieshippe to lende her your horselitter
& furniture, that ^by^ your Ladishippes good meanes she
may salflie goe home. Thus hopinge of your Ladieshippes
favour, in this bothe I & my wife in anye service we
cann rest readie at your Ladieshippes commaundement.
desyringe God to have your Honour alwayes in his
protection. At Buckstones this xxvjth of Aprill 1589

Your Honors to commaunde §

Fra: Wyllughby

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