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[Letter Text: Notes]
Maye yt please your Honor I receyved a lettar from your .La. by
my brother Wylim: and whear as your .La. wrytes yt ys sayed wt you
that, I am gonne onely vp to London to playe at dyse, the sayer, or speaker
of yt in tyme, wyll be asshamed of hys occupacyon, and eyther be noted
commonly for false, or els bewar how he crepeth into every mans
Iudgement, and mynde, whear he ys not made pryvye nor can led to counsell.
ffor me, I lyttle regarde reportes, nor studdy to please [deletion] every man,
I haue attayned to please those I seeke, If I please your .La. for
others I lyttle esteme to please thear fantasyes, and wyll lesse
every daye, knowyng I am as ffree borne, as any other, and therfore
thynke I dooe well yf I please my selfe, wch by Godes Grace I
wyll asshuredly, shortely dooe, and showe whearfore my commynge vp
was, neyther to playe at Dyce, to seeke ease and dallyance, or for
any other vayne delyghte, but to seeke vyrtú, and honor in Armes,
wch by hys lycence that yeldes all thynges I am resolute to ffolloe
knowynge nottwtstandynge that yt wyll be yll spoken of, and letted not
for my good/ but s by my ffrendes, not for my good, but for my
envy. But by that meanes I shall staye some Babelyng tounges
from talkynge of my playe, and cause them to sharpen thear wyttes
to devyse some other great faulte in me, more I thynke in my conscyenc...
to troweble your honor, then to mend any yll in me, ys ther, deyffke.
My studdy ys to please your .La. and so I endevor my selfe dayly; and
for my playe your .La. shall hear, yf I you hear the trewthe,
shall be altered, and I gyven to other playe. that many myslykes,
though, most fytte for a gentleman. Thus humbly cravynge your
.La. dayly blessynge I end prayynge to God to send your
Ho. longe lyffe and good healthe Coleharbert the
vjth of November
[significant space]

Your .La. most bounden
Humble and obedyent sonne.
[significant space]

Henry Cavendyshe

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