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Extract of a secret Lettre sent to my La: Shr: wth another
dated in Iuly by Mr Charles Cavendishe .1582.

If the Quene then wold lykwise wryt in my behalf, and tak vpon her to having
knowen him in the dukes tyme by his report; I verely think it wold draw him
vnto gratify her and if he shold not receave the Lettre, yet it wold procure silence
in him and cause him not to disclose it or Escape us in aide by it in respect of his
owne particulare

I thank yow right effectuously for your good newes and am right glade to see
how well yow and my litle nice have taken those that I have had of my Sonnes
I pray yow beleve that in all I may help to youre I wold Imploy my self wth
very good harte and specially in this caise full of compassion do all the good
offices that I might But the principal point that I see your Sonne desyreth
being a testimony of my acquentaince wth the old man wch I never had, me think
in the tyme full of Ialousy and suspition that I shold putt him & yow both in
hazard by my Lettres rather then to do him any therby any good at all, yow
may your self consider of it and ^in^ what ^in^ yow shall fynd good that ^I^ can do I
shall do it wth ^as^ right good will as I pray God to [deletion] kepe yow. &
to bliss my nice & Goddawghters wth all youres This twisday.
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