[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the Ryghte honorable
the Covntes of Shrewesberey
dowger this be delivered
[Letter Text: Notes]
Madam, This bearer Christopher Hannam hath a good while
belonged vnto me. and now desireth to be entertayned in service by yow.
That yor La. meaneth to receave one in the place of a gent. vsher
I vnderstand by my good frend Sr Ihon Wingfield, who hath made
choyse of this man to be preferred to yor service, and moved me for
my consent therto. Wherin I am so farre from dissenting, that for
manie respectes I have great lyking of it; first for his owne sake that
he shall be placed with so honorable a Ladie, then for my selfe yt
it is my happe to have a man worthie to be preferred to yor La.
And I hope, when yow have made proofe of his service, he will de=
serve my commendacion, and yor La. good lyking. The iudgment
of my La. of Kent, and Sr Ihon Wingfield who have thowght him
meete for yor service might well suffice for his credite; yet I thowght
it not enoughe to give him leave, vnlesse I added therto these lettres
in his commendacion: wch I do wishe may so farre stand him in steed, as
that for my sake his service may be somwhat the more acceptable
vnto yor La. So I committ yo.r La. to gods protection.
from the Courte the .23. of Marche 1590.

Yr Ladyships to do yw seruice.

R. Essex

The Countesse of Shrewsburie.

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