[Letter Text: Notes]
At this prsent mrs ffrannces mrs Elezabeth mrs mary
wt mrs Knytons chylderen be all well amended
god be praysed but I do Iudge that my lytall
mrs do not prosper well in learning for that tey...
ale & garrard be not ffrendes your ladyshyp
doth well know ther fassyones ther is all the
tymber got home ffrom hadon/ lyndoxe parte/ & par...
from Barlow the drawghtes haue bene so
occupied wt leadyng of hedge wod & vj lodes
of marle from assheford yt the other
busynes of leadyng of tymber could not go
so well forward but I trust I shall se all
shortlye home/ we haue alredye hedgit
& dychet the neyther orchard & for plantes
we shall I trust haue ynow to fynesshe
all/ cokes & newall syns before chrestemas
where not here I do dowt lest Iohn Newall
be syck at hys ffrendes/ halleys for this
chrestemas tyme haue don lytull at ther
work but now they begyn to applye it
hard/ I haue sent by this carryer iiij
pottes ij of them tonnes/ & ij wt covers/
& for thomas alen he hath done all hys
taxed work so that I wold know yor
ladyshyps pleaser wherin I may set hym a
work by the daye or by the great
[page break]
syns chrestemas we haue geven all or cattell
hey/ as fatte oxen kyne yong beastes &
shepe and they do eat it well but as
yet ther is no wast made I dar answare
for ther is few days but I go to the
fodderyng places to spye faultes but I
se none thus leaving to trowbull
yor good ladyshyp I wysshe my mr & you
health wt encrease to honor and all my
lyttull masters encrease of learning wch
I trust to see ffrom Chattesworthe
the xiijth of this Ianvarye

your humble seruant


ther is iij yong calves god send them,
good spede/ at Chattesworth Iames Crompe
was at derby wherin I perceyve that mr
more wold haue over reckened hym a
pack of wolle wheras I the sheperd thomas
lely doth well know that he hade from
hense xxiij packes wch xvjxx stone & vj/
Iames at this wryting was somwhat syck
so that he doth not wryte att this tyme
for he ley swetyng in bedd/

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