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To my wyfe The countes
of Shrowsbury at tutbury
yev this
[Letter Text: Notes]
my dere none havenge Resevyd yor lettar offe
the furste of decembar whyche camme in very good
tyme eles hadde I sente oune of thes few Remenynge
wt me to have brought me worde of yor helthe
whyche I dobted offe for that I harde nott from
you [deletion] offe All this tyme tyll now whyche drove
me in dumpes but now Revyved Agen by yor wrytenge
vnto me/ I thank you swete more for yor podenges &
venyson/ the podenges have I bestoud in this wyes dosen
to my lade cobbam & As many to my L steward
& to my L of Leystere & the Reste I have Resarved
to my celfe to ete in my chaumbar the venyson is yett At london but I have cente for it heddar
I perseve nedd talbott hathe bene syke & now
paste dangar I thanke god I have sych Anone
that is so carfull ovar me & myne/ god cend
me sone home to posesse my greteste Ioye/ if you
thynke it is you/ you Arre nott desevyd
I wyll nott forgett to dele wt the mr of the Rolles
for Iounge knyfton/ he semes to be myg myche
my frende/ & is now in delynge betwext denenge &
me for the lees of Abbott stoke/ Agred Apon
by me & tomworthe he shuld so doo/ he holdes
A it At Athousande markes/ & the mr offe the
Rolles hathe dreven it to vc poundes whych me thynkes
to myche for syche Alees yett because it lyes so as
I Am informyd Amounges gylbardes landes I have
made my steward to ofar iiijc poundes & to gett ...
tyll the next terem because I wold hav yor advyse
therein/ & because I shall for that I lyve in hope
to be wt you before you can Reterne Answar Agen
you shall vndarstannde that this presente mondaye
in the mornynge fyndenge the quene A in the gardn
At good lesur I gave hur mageste thankes thankes
that che hadd so lytell Regard to the clammurus pepull of bolsore in my absens che declared vnto what evell
speche was agenste me off
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my nerenes/ & sclak in house kepynge/ & As mych
As was told hur/ whych che inowyes beleved wt As
good wordes/ & as I cold wysche declarenge that o or it were
longe I shuld well perseve che dyd so truste me As che
dyd few/ che wold nott tell me wherin but doute
it was About the custody of the scotes quene/ here is
pryvate spech that va gates & vahan shuld make sute
to hav hur but this day I perseve it is Altered
I thynke before senday thes mattares wyll cum to sum
passe that we shall know how longe our Abode shalbe
but how so evar it faules oute I wyll nott fale
but be wt you before kyrsemas orre eles you shall
cum to me/ the plage ^is desparsed^ sharpely sore Abrode in london
so that the quene kepes hur kyrsemas here &
goethe nott to grenwyche As it was mente my lade
cobam yor dere frende wysches yor presens here hence ^ho^ loves
you well/ I tell hur ^I^ have the cause to love hur
beste for that che wysched me so well to spede as I dyd
& as the the pene wrytes so the harte thynkes that offe
All erthely Ioyes that ht hath happenyd vnto me
I thanke ^god^ him chefleste for you/ for wt you I have All
Ioye & contentasyon of mynde & wt oute you dethe is mor
plesante to me than lyfe/ if I thought I shuldbe longe
be from you/ & therefore good wyfe doo as I [deletion] wyll doo
hope shortely offe oure metenge & fare well dere swete
none from hamton courte this mondaye At
mydnyght for it is every nyght so late before I goo
to my bedd beinge At play in the preve chambar
At premyro where I have loste almost Ahundereth
poundes & laked my sclepe

Yor fethefull husbande
tyll dethe

G Shrewsbury

wyfe tell my dought mawle
that I At Am nott plesed wt hur
that che hath nott wryten to me
wt hur cystar yett wyll I nott forgett them hur & the Reste
& pray to god to blesse them All

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