To my wyfe the countes of Shrewsbury
My none I havenge Resevyd your letter whereby I persev the pekes men desyres to know to morow home I wyll name to mete to talke with there men they dyd chuse before me At there last beinge here wych was master shalcroste & dacen of bely flatt/ Althow I wold be loth to putt my cappe in doinge & thereby to lose Apese/ yett consyderenge there polayte more than there desarte & nothynge weinge there clamorus spech I wold with all my harte there Intensyon shold goo forward to exebytt Abyll to the quenes majeste for I nethar have nor wyll doo that thynge I wold have withholden from hur majeste Knolege thow they Immagen otharwyes wych I wold have them putt in proffs/ nevartheles if you perseve they mene as they speke to seke my favore & good wyll in dede Apoynte my steward & one othar with him home you lyke so that he be one/ & loke what he agrees therevnto I wylbe contented withAll/ but gladdst of All wold I have bene that master chaunslar of the duche him celfe myght have harde the mattar & gyvn Iugment therein/ so I wysche you shortly to Retorne Sheffeld vij of Iune 1575/

Your fethefull husband

G Shrewsbury

torne ovar
I wrytt this because you may send my lettar to them to see how lyttell I Acomt of ther complentes I have Resevyd Alettar this mornyng from master sekretere with lettares to this queen from leyger for hur Afferes & his lettar to me is the quenes majeste cum nott in to yorkshyr this yere/ & wyddar che cvm in to shropshyr or no it is douted for helard he is Aboute your frame & it wylbe done within this iij dayes & than he shall cum to you the next weke thow I maye Ill spare him/ fare well my only Ioye


G Shrewsbury

& senge I Am constrenyd to Absent my sune gylbard I wyll provyd sum plase forr him & his wyfe whych I wyll vse your advyse therein & surely I wold have you provyd for charls your sun ho is esely ledd to folly/ for within ij nyght Aftar you went from me his man morten Intysed his mastar blyth & my Armorar to goo Astelynge in to staly parke/ in the nyght/ & I wold wysch you to Advyse him from those doinge lest sum myshappe myght cum thereby to his harom & your grefe/ now the progresse Altares I mynd to Altar my wrytenge to hur majeste

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