[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Lady
[Letter Text: Notes]
My duty most humbly remembered wt like
humbel thankes for your la: fayre and well
wrought Armen wch god willing wch god willing
I will kepe as a gret Iuel both in respect of
your la: and of her from hom your la: had
it ther can nothing be wrought in metell wt
mor life; I am very glad to here that your la:
helth is beter and that the payn in your
hepe declineth. I will dayly pray that your
la: health and all other trew comfortes may
increse, yesterday the Q remoued to her
howes at thebales and of swa of friday com
seuen nightes the K: the Q and my lo: Chamber=
=layn doth god willing cresin the letell
infant at Arandall howes, the Cresining
must be at whit hall, I am sure your la: hath
hard long ere this from arandal howes wher
I thanke god all is well but sume payne
in my hed hath kept me from thence thes
3 or 4 dayes my lo: of Arandall is at thebals
wch my lo: of Salesbury doth not other wayes
youse as his own then my lo: Lumlay hath
doune nonsuch sence his exchang wt the
Q wch your la: will imagin will gretly leson
both his care and his charge at so agayn wt
my prayers for your la: most hapi long life
and most humbel desire of your la: dayly
blesing to me and mine I humbly
take my leue this vij ^viij^ of July

your la: most humbell
and obedint daughter

Ma: Shrowsbury

the Ermen was as well brought vp: as was posibell it shall
li by my daughter of arandall the day of the cresning
but no longer

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