[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my sa... francys
wytfelde ...r thys at
for the myller
for taking shepe
for taking Coll woodes
for Capons to be fatt
for swyne/
for the hard Cornefeldes
for a pyndr
[Letter Text: Notes]
francys I haue spoken wt your mayste...
for the clyltes or bordes that you
wrete to me of and he ys contente
that you shall take some for
your nesecyte in the aponntemente
of neusante. so that you take
seche as y wyll do hyme no
saruese aboute hys byldynge at
chattysworthe. I pray you loke
well to all thynges at chattysworthe
tyll my auntes comynge whome
whyche I hope shalbe shortely
and yn the meane tyme cause
bronshawe to loke to the smethes
and all other thynges at penteryge
lete the brewar make bere for me
fourthewt fore my owne drynkyng
and your mayster and se that I
haue good store of yet for yf I lacke
ether good bere, or charcole or wode
I wyll blame nobody so meche
as I wyll do you. cause the
flore yn my bede chambe to be
[page break]
made euen ether wt plaster claye or lyme
and al the wyndoyes were the glase
ys broken to be mended and al the
chambers to be made as close and war
warme as you cane. I here that
my syster Iane cane not haue thyne
thynges that ys nedefoulle for hare
to haue amowngste you yf yet be trewe
you lacke agreat of honyste as well as
dyscrescyon to deny hare any thynge
that she hathe amynde to beynge
yn case as she hathe bene. I wolde
be lothe to haue any stranger so yoused
yn my howse and then assure your
selfe I cane not lyke yet to haue my
syster so yousede. lyke as I wolde not hau
haue any superfleuete or waste of any
thynge. so lyke wysse wolde I haue hare
to haue that whyche ys nedefoulle for
and nesesary. at my comynge whome I
shal knowe more. and then I wyll thynke
as I shall haue cause. I wolde haue
you to geue to to my mydwyffe frome
me and frome my boye wylle. and to
[page break]
^my^ syster norse frome me and my boye
as hereafter folowyet fyrste to the mydwyfe
frome me tene shyllynges. and frome
wylle fyue shyllynges. to the norse
frome me fyue shyllynges. and frome
my boye iij fore pence. f so that yn
the wolle you mouste geue to them
twenty thre shyllynges and fore pence
make my syster Iane preuye of yet
and then paye yet to them fow...
wt yf you haue noother money take
so meche of the rente at penteryge
tyll my syster Iane that I wyll geue
my dowter somethynge at my comyng
whome and prayinge you not to
fayle to se all thynges done accordyngely
I bede you fare well frome london
the xiiij of nouember

your mystrys

Elyzabethe Cauendyssh

tyll Iames crompe
that I haue resauyed
the fyue ponde and ixs
that he sente me by heue alsope

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