[Address Leaf]
To the Ryghthonorable hys synguler
good Lady the Countes of
[Letter Text: Notes]
Pleaseth yt yor Ladyshypp that as I acknowledge my selfe wholy
indettyd vnto yow, as well for yor woonted curtesye to my selfe,
as yor honorable Lettres in the behalfe of my brother to Mr Gerard,
so have I nowe an humble sute vnto yow, wherof I crave such
acceptatyon as yor L. may convenyently admytt/ wch ys thys that
where my brother (havyng hys eldest daughter aboute the age of xviij
yeares) ys very desyrous for a tyme to place hyr in servyce wth yowr
L. (by reason of such honorable report as he hath receyved of yow)/
so yt woold please yor L. the rather at my humble sute to receyve
hyr into yor servyce/ trustyng at yf you vouchsave so to doo, neyther the condytyons of the Mayden, neyther hyr parentes mayntenance
of hyr in yor servyce shall move yor L. forthynke yor curtesye
in thys behalfe./ Thus commendyng my humble servyce both to
my Lord and yor L. I shall not cease to pray for yor glad
prosperytee./ ffrom Grymston haule in Suffolke thys xijth
Iuly./ 1570./
[significant space]

Yor Ladyshypps to commaunde

Rychard Cavendysshe

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