To the Ryght honorabell my vary good lord and cossen the therle of Lecester
My honorabell Lord/ albeyt one of my greatest comforte[s] ys to here frome your Lordship/ and nothynge cane be more acseptabelle vnto me then to here of your wel[l] lykenge the bache, and helthe recouered therby I haue yet not withstandynge forborne wrytynge for that I wolde geue your Lordship no ocasyon hereynge yt was wysshede by lerned aduysse you shulde not youse yt/ other wysse I shulde altogeder for gett my selfe/ whych shall neuer apeare towardes so nobell a frende/ as I fynde by good proffe your Lordship ys bothe to me and myne but wyll reste euer moust faythefoull as many your moust honorabell fauores may Iustely chalenge. yn the meane tyme/ my Lord and I aconte all we cane do or procure nothynge ansorabell to owre good wylles, yf yn dede theys barainne partes gaue any thynge worthey your Lordship my lorde thynke[s] my sone gelborte for want of experyence hathe/ ofered hys conterey cokes to be ouermache[d] and no defalte nether yn the conterey nor cokes. I beseche your Lordship desyre my vary fren[d] mayster Iulyo to presente vnto har magystye in moust humbell dewty for whose prosperyte I wyll euer pray as one moust bonde. that we may longe leue vnder har gracyous and happy gouerment/ and so my good lorde preyn[ge] to god to sende you helthe and your hartes desyre I ende Shefelde the xxvij of Iune

Your Lordship's louynge cossen and moust faythefoull frende


hary cauendysshe hathe desyred me by hys latters to moue your Lordship for your erneste laters to the prence of orynge yn hys fauore. and that yt wyll plese you to show you aconte of hym. thys am I euar bolde to trobell your Lordship

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