[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Lady./
[Letter Text: Notes]
My bounden dewtie &c./ I attended this
morning on my Lo. Tr.r told him yt hir
Matie had sent to ye Iudges & to ye lord
of Shr. towching Basford; his Lo.p
sayd he was very glad of yt./ The
Iudges haue made stay for Basfordes
matter. They think yt very strang...
yt it is hath bene so ernestly called on ~
sen now yt they see my lo. owne lettre
and hir Ma.tie order./ I was this
morning wth ye mr of ye Pelles, he
was in his bed, taketh nec good rest
his loosnes ^is^ stayd; he in good temper
very dry but no stomack to any ~
meate; he asked sondry questions of
yor La.p & of yor causes wch I
declared to him./ My la.
Arbella & ye rest of yor La.ps at
Edmonton are very well. this day
I hard from thence./ And
thus wth my dayly prayer &c
I most humbly ceass./ This

Yor Ladyshyps
[significant space]
most humble
& obedient sonne

W. Cauendysshe

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