[Address Leaf]
To the right worshipfull
and my verey good frende
Sr Iohn Thyn Knight
[Letter Text: Notes]
After my verey hertie commendacions vnto you good Sr Iohn
Thyn and to my Lady, Thies are even so to desire you
to spare me your ^plaisterer^ mason that flowred your halle whom
I wolde gladly have furthwith to be sent either to my
howse at Chattesworthe whiche way Mr Hyde can instructe
hym Or elles to London that I may sende hym downe
with all spede my selfe and what enterteyment you
thinke convenient he shall have besides his charges in
going thither Praing you to aduertise me by this
bearer whether I may truste to hym or not And by
whiche way he will goo that at his commyng he may
goo in hande with suche workes as I shall appointe
by my lettres And if he doo goo presently the next way
Let hym enquire for my servaunte Iames Crompe
who shall appointe hym what is there to be donne
I vnderstande also by Lacy that Mr Crouche hath
very skilfull men for that purpose I pray you yf
your man can not be had to spede me yet some
oother where wherin you shall doo me greate pleasure
for that my howse is moche imperfit in that respecte and
lacke mete men for the same and thus bolde of yors
Take my leave of you for this tyme ffrom Bromham
the xxvth day of Aprill 1560

your assuryed frende

Elyzabeth. Cauendyssh ^Seyntlo^

I pray you send your latter of ansore
to lacy to brysto and yf and so wt
my comen to you and my lady
ones agayne I bede you fare

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