To my very frende the Lord Pagette
The Lady of shesresburie
My Lorde whear as I vnderstande by my sunne henry Cavendyshe that at your Lordshyps earnest request he hath consentede to cum to talke for agreement betwext the boses and hym. whych sartenly I hardly coulde agree to: and hym self affermeth hade it not been your ofton and contenuall intreaty, and to speake wyth henry hys own woords your Lordship's importunatnes. he would neuer haue byn brought to. whych seinge by your Lordship’s meanes is now fallen out as perchance my sunnes enymys would haue it. my desier is that now at the last knyttinge vp of the matter you wyll stande in defferant on my sunnes syde or rather a favourer. consideringe hys hath ben the danger, inyuri, paynes and charges. thus hopinge that at thys my request you wyll stand the more hys frend I ende wyth my harty comendatyons to my lady. from chatsworth latt thys twsday at nyght

your Lordship’s assurede frende

E Shrowesburye

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