To my very frend Master Secretorie Walsingham
I am Sorye I coulde not speak with you by reason of my soden departure and to haue yelded moste hartie thankes for your so frendely dealinge towardes me which as I can not forgett so do I require you to take this lettre of thanckes in good parte with assurance of my Lordes good will & myne as of any frendes you haue if in any thinge we maye stande you in Steed./

Where her Majesties pleasure ys that the Scottishe quene shall presently to Buxston I am to require you to procure a warrant for my Lord his dischardge in that behalfe, because I thincke my word will not satisfie his Lordship therin without a sufficient dischardge./ So with my right hartie Comendacions I bid you farewell At Leicestr howse this viijth of Iune 1576

your assuryed louynge frende


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