Too the Ryghte worchoupfull my uarye frende Syr Iohen thyne Knyghte
from the lady Cavendysshe
Syr all thoughte I haue no mater of ymportance werewithall now to trbyll you. yet wyll I not suffer eny knowen messenger to pase without my latters of sonday I made ane ende of my longe foulle Iourney/ by the way I wos many tymes yn mynde to haue restode. for my horcus wos not well habyll to passe thoro the touffe myre waye with the leter/ I haue escapyed one of my fettys synes my comynge whome and dowte not yn shorte tyme to recouer my helthe. yf amounste you I haue no wronge offerede me yn my absence/ yf any seche matter happon I trouste you wyll so for se for me that yet shall not be hurtefoull to me nor myne/ to declare vnto you how I founde my poore howse yn all thynges dysorderede were to meche to trobyll you withall. but for the good order and clyndelynes of yet I dare compare yet with any en withyn thys reyme. I trousse mayster hyde wyll kepe hys aponntode day with me. and by hym I trouste to here frome you. my lady and my frende maystrys eynes. unto whome I pray you that I may be comaundode and so with my mouste harty thankes for the frenchepe that I haue resauyed at your handes. wyll sease trobelynge you frome Chattysworth the xv of march

your as I am maney wayes bowden/

Elyzabeth Cauendyssh

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