To my Lovinge sonne Gilbert Talbott/ Will Cavendyshe, and my cosyn Clarke.
From my Lady to my brother William Cavendyshe Master clarke and my selfe touchynge my brother Charles his marryage. Laste. January 1580
I have received your letter, lyke very wellof your spedy proceding, and thanke yow hartely for the paines. My answer is noated partyculerly in the margenes of the artycles agreed vppon, wher I fynd some very streite demening/ to which noates, I refer yow for further acquyntance with my mynde in suche behalf. Touching your peticon for further increase of Charles Cavendyshe present livinge, I saye and am suer, that foure hundrethe poundes a yeare is, as large a proporcon as eny Erle allowethe his eldest sonne during his owne lyfte: and he knowethe treble more than his allowance heretofore, besydes my departing with two thowsand poundes/ the one wherof, I could wyshe yf possible it might be compast/ that the younge cople should enioye/ the other at Sir Thomas kydstone and my Ladyes dispose./ Besydes it may be thought reason they should also presently departe with some thing in present towardes their mayntenance and iiCli a yeare with as little as can be required respecting all thinges.

The possibilitety is good/ yet may Sir Thomas kydston have heires made of his body/ and therfore the lesse are, so great demaundes to be stoode vpon. for the v. thowsand poundes contayned in the artycles to be bestowed of land and the somme convayed to Charles, which with the former Somme will make seven thousand, is so great a Somme as I know not which way to turne me for discharge of so muche, being farr vnable by reason than for Charles advancement I have alredy of late tyme desbursed all my money/ yet seing yow have entred into the matter and so farr to purpose, rather than it should breake I will make over vnto him, or sell for his further preferment some landes which stand still as my owne state./ I am willinge to promis and performe that after my deathe, he shall have assured to him eyther in money or land to the valew of v thowsandes poundes/ and yearely as I live, care shalbe had therin. But to depart with so muche presently, or in short tyme, that can I never doe except I should vtterly spoyle myself. To conclude I would not for eny thing have it breake, thoughe beyond measure (as I alredy strayne myself) in performing so much as I am content to yeeld vnto/ and me thinkes it is against reason yf they stand vpon all the artycles set downe, that they should have me so strictly enter into bonde/ Wher I graunt to eny thinge I am content to assure it so suffyciently as they will. and rather than it should not take place I will give my worde for the rest as well for the increse of his living, as is sett downe as for the v. thowsand poundes which god willing I will as duly obsarve and parforme as my bonde/ I pray yow all three bring theis cheefe pointes lowar or as lowe as possiblely yow can/ What ever yow conclude vpon I will see performed/ and pray yow all enter into bonde for Charles, and / I will see that he shall save yow harmeles/ in eny wyse lett it be so followed without delay as the maryage may be before lent/ yt will prevent the enemyes workinge daunger/ Yf they will not be removed from the v thowsandes poundes, than perswade for longe day. Sonne Gilbert this other letter which I have writt to yourself yow may shew it to Sir Thomas Cornewallys and I pray yow delyver therwith vnto him, so great thankes & good wordes as yow can devyse.

Thus with my harty commendacions to yourself and my cosin Clarke, I beseche god to blesse yow and william Cavendyshe. Sheffield the last of January 1580

your louynge mother


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