[Address Leaf: Notes]
To our right trustie & right welbelouid
Cousin and Counsellor the Earle of
Shrewsburye and to or right
dere and right welbelouid Cousin
[deletion] Countesse his wyfe./.
The queens mates letter
of the xxv of Iune 1577 to
be kept As the
dereste Iuell
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
By the Queene/

Your most Assured lovinge Cousin
and Soverayne

Elizabeth R

Our very good Cousins. Being geuen tvnderstand from or Cousin
of Leycester, how honnorablye he was not onlie latelie receaued by you
our Cousin the Countesse at Chatsworth, & his dyet by you both discharged
at Buxtons, but also presented wth a very rare present, we should do
him great wronge (houlding him in that place of fauor we do) in case
we should not let you vnderstand in how thankfull sorte we accept the
same at both your handes, not as don vnto him, but to or owne self, repu=
ting him as annother our self And therfore ye maie assure your
selues that we (taking vppon vs the debt not as his but or owne) will
take care accordingly to dischardge the same in such honnorable sorte,
as so well deserving Creditors as ye are shall neu haue cause to thincke
ye haue met wth an vnthanckfull debtor. In this acknowledgement of
new debtes we maie not forgett our ould debte, the same being as great as
a Soueraigne can owe to a subiect, when thorough your loyall & most carefull
looking to the chardge committed to you both we and or realme enioy
a peaceable gouernement, the best good happe that any prince on
earthe can befaule. This good happe then growing from you, ye
might thincke your selfes most vnhappye yf you serued such a prince
as should not be as readye gratyouslie to consider of yt as thanckfullie
to acknowledge the same/ whereof you maie make full accompt to your
compfort when tyme shall serue. Geuen vnder or signet at or mannor
of Grenwch the xxvth day of Iune 1577. and in the xixth yere
of or raigne./

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