[Address Leaf: Notes]
To ye Ryght honrabyll
& my verey good lady
my lady off Schrewssbery
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
My most honrabyll good lady off
Screwssbery./ ye name off yowr goodnes
dothe provoke me to oppyne my hart./ seyng
my good lord yowr hussband. dothe nott
ye best intreatt me ffor my warrant
dormant. whyche ffrely he gaue me. &
now wtholldes ye same/

ffyrst. When my lord was lord talbott
I cam in to ye Kynges cowrt in a new
gown off breod tawny taffata lyned
wth lukkes velluet gardyd wth ye same
whyche my Lord praysyd/ I sayd yff he
wollde gyff me as good a gown
when he was erle off screwssberi/
I wolld send ytt hym./ so ye nexte
day. I dyd send it to hym/ a grett
whylle affter my lord beyng erlle.
dyd gently remember thys promes to me
& wolld haue sent me certayn yerdes
off sylke ffor hyes promes/ I dyd gyff
thankes to my lord. & requyred hys
warrant dormant./ whyche most
hartly he gaue me/ & affter I dyd
delyuer ye same a warrant. to M blythenal
to schew ytt to ^the^ Kepares. ye ffyrst yere/ &
he to take ye one hallff & to send to
[page break]
me ye other/ & in ye mean tyme he
dyed/ & hys clerke seyng the warrant
dormant/ dyd slyely bryng ytt to
my lord/ off my ffaythe here ys yet trewth
& yowr ladyschypes promes. to hellp me
ys ye verey cawse ytt oonlly by yowe I
thynke to rekeuer my warrant/

ffurth beyng att cardes in Mr tresureres
chamber I dyd lend to my lord beyng att
cardes. ffurty angelles ffor xxli/ I the...
beyng a lozer above xxxli/ att Chellssey
my lord dyd bryng ytt to me off in y...
garthyn/ wude hyes gown/ Sir Ryc ^Antonye^ neffy...
beyng bye/ I dyd asske my lord whether
he hade nede off money or noo/ he say...
agaynn ytt yff I wolld fforbere ^ytt^ then/ he
wolld thankeffully pay me in yorkeschyre
I sayd yff he wolld haue a C.li. more he
scholld haue ytt/ so then he gaue me grett
thankes/ & now I dessyre yowr ladyschip
to remember me/ yn thes two matteres/ as
ye thynke ryght/ & yff I lyue I schall nott be
unthankfull ^to yor ladyshyppe^/ yds xj off Awgust youres to com

Arthur Curzon

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