[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Lorde
my hosbande
the erle of
my ladies
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
my none I here ther ys abrewte that
my dowter lenexe my Iuwell and
my dowtesr ^grace^ shulde come hether
to morow. I cane not beleue yt
for that you haue not made
me to knowe yt; I prey you lette
them stay ther for a shorte tyme
yt wylbe the lesse dongorus for
the ynfeccyone, whyche myght
so hapon ^yf any here shulde take yt^ as wolde torne to owre
dyscomforde, wtyn a wecke you
shall here frome the corte and
then you may sende them two
or thre dayes afore you comme, I
haue wretyn to strynger, blonte.
hadfelde, and perynce to help me
wt the caryage of my tember I
wolde make gattes ^and other thynges wt yt^ yf I hade yt
I prey you forder them and cause
others of your tenante to helpe all
god send my my deare swete harte
hys helthe. Sonday

your faythefoul


I haue sente my none
letes, I thanke you for the
salte venyson you mete...

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