[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my ... my
hosba... the
yerle of Shrouesbury
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
my none you saye you wyll bare wt my malyuedy
Later but howso euer you bare you haste m...
to subpley any wante I haue. you say
you denyed not not rey. yn dede you
yeldod to geue me aletyll but non at all
comes. the two botles of secke you sent...
hether wyll do small sarues here the
one ys the smalles that euer I
drenke lyke as tho yett were halfe
water the other meche worse yett
mouste be solde yet sauores so of the
uessell that yf ly two mentes more
yett wyll not be to be dronke I pre...
sende some hether to by yett yf you
Cane gett any or yf you wyll haue
yett sente to worsope I wyll cause yett
to be sente. and yf you wyll sende one
other to ly here Crompe may go ...
to chewse yett. crompe and alsope saythe
yf yett be not solde presently yett wylbe
worth nothynge. alsope shewed to me
to moue you to geue hym longer day
for the pamente of the money he woyes
you. I haue taken apone me to gett you to
[page break]
geue hym Crystolmes for the pamente
of the one halfe and shroustyde for
the reste. apone hys other outhe and
promes that he wyll ^not^ fayll to paye yett
thenm. the money ys not meche an...
you knowe hys trewe dewtyfoull harte
towardes you. the pekes mene as I
here wylby no meane consente that you
shulde knowe the openyon of lernetde
menne but to haue you to jouge yett
out ^hauynge^ ther openyones. I here my boye lak...
petycotes and other tryffelles therys stoffe
to be bought at Shefelde good for that
porposse lett not the honeste felow wa...
...chthes I prey you. I here he hathe
taken colde. I prey you comende me
to my good frende wt thankes for the
good uenysone. fare well onkende none
thys sonday

your faythefoull


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