[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the right honorable
my very good Lady the
Countisse of Shrewsbery
[Letter Text]
I thank yor good La. as wel for yor honorable offer, and
Curtuouse lettres, as also for the fatt Stagge youe send
me. in good wit I will requite both, and other ways
as I can. I haue imparted to this bringer whi
I do not answerr yor request, for so I should hynder
that good which I hope to bring to passe. my purpose
is to helpe and not to hurt. ther is tyme for all
things. my Labor and good wil shal not be wanting
god must give the successe. I hope wel, and I trust
no want wilbe in yor La. for the performans therof.
Thus referring the rest to the report of this bringer
I Commend yor good La. th to the good direction of goddes
holy spirite. Soutwell Iulij 7. 1584.

yor La. in christ

E. Ebors

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