[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the ryght honorabl
the countys of Shrewsbury
my very good mother
[Letter Text: Notes]
My humbl duty remembred beseching your La:
of your daly blesinge presuming of your
mother like affeccyon towards me your
childe that trusts I haue not so
euell deserued as your La: hath made
shewe; by your Letters to others whych
maketh, me doutfully that your La: hath
ben infoormed som great vntruth of
me or else I had well hoped that for
som smal trifels I shuld not haue
contenued in your displeasur so
longe a time and I myght be so bould
as to craue at your La: hands that
it wold pleas you to exteme shuch falce
bruts as your La: hath hard reported
of me as lightly as you haue don
when others wer in the like cas I shul
shuld thinke my selfe much the more
bounde to your La: I besech you
make my harty comandacions
to my aunt I take my leaue in
humble wyse hacknay xxv
of Iuly

your La: humbl
and obedint dough...
[significant space]

E Lenox

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