[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the Ryght worshipfull
and my verey Lovyng
frende my Ladie Caudache
yeue this/
[Letter Text: Notes]
After my verry hertie comendacons vnto yowr Ladiship
and whereas one of yor sarvantes hathe taken ^&^ pounded
certane cattell of one nycholas Alessons the beyrer
herof furthe of a percell of grounde wche he
hathe taken of one Iohn cowper be the lycence
of mayster wennesley yor L Stuourd at
pentryche wherefore these shall be most
hertyly to desyre yow to favorable vnto the
said nycholas alesson that he may haue his
cattell delyvered furthe of the pounde and that
he may occupye the ground wherof he hathe
layd furthe his money for And the Rather
at this my Request And this I byd yow
moost hertylye fare well from Bromehall
the xxvijth day of Maij

Yor Lovynge frende

M Northumberland

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