[Address Leaf: Notes]
to my Lady/
[Letter Text: Notes]
may yt please your honour sur Iohon halles cam
post from london vppon tuesday last and
yesterday went towards barwike wher
he dothe heare bi on of the kinges
chamber that his ma:ti woll be on Satterday
nexeste and ther stay vntil he hath setled
the parts ther aboutes also he sayeth
that al thinkges in the southeren partes
proceede peaceabley only my lord beauchamp
his sayd to mak some assemblyes whic he
hopeth wil soddenly dessholfe into smoke his
forse beyng feble to make hede agenst
so grayt an vnyon so geueynge your honour
most humble thankes for your moste honourable
and continuall bonty to me and most humble
crauyng your ^La:^ blesinge I humble tak my
leue beseeching the almighti to send you
long lyfe al comfort and happines this
present friday

mr pierrepoint remenbers
his humble duti to your

your Ladyships humble
and obedyent dautter

F pierrepont

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