[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my wyfe the
countes of Shrewsbury
of small affecte
[Letter Text: Notes]
My swete harte yor trewe & fethefull [deletion] sole you
bere me is more commfortabull to me than Any thyng
[deletion] I can thynke Apon & I gyve him thankes dayly
for his benyfates he hathe bestoud of me/ & gretest cause
I have to gyve him ^thankes^ that he hath cent me ...
you in my oldes yeres to commfort me wtAll/
yor commynge I shall thynke longe forre/ & shall
send of frydaye yor lyttar horses or eles of saturday ^& of saturdaye^
mornyng I wyll sende my folkes because frydaye
they wylbe desyras to be at Rotherame fere/ it Apers
by my si my cystar wyngfeldes lettar there is brute
of this q goinge from me I thank you for sendeng
it me whych I Reterne Agen & wyll nott show it tyll
you maye speke it yor celf what you here/ & I have
sent you Ihone Knyftons lettar that lord brought
me that you maye persev what is bruted of the
yonge kyng/ I thanke you for yor fatte capon
& it shalbe baken ^& kept^ cold & vntouched tyll my swete
hart cum gesse you ho it is/ I have sent you Afesant
coke that was gyven me whych is All the dedes I
have here/ I have wrytten to cellares to send every
weke Aquartar of Ryye Rye for this tene wekes whyche
wylbe As mych as I kno wylbe hadde there
& x quartares of barley whych wylbe All that
I can spare you [deletion] farewell my swete trew
none & fethefull wyfe

Y ^All^ yores

G Shrewsbury

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