A coppy of my lettre to my Lord 9: Iunij .1586.
I doe hereby in all bounden duty, & hum... [m]y selfe before your Lordship moste humblie becechinge p...are playnely & truly: the cause why I have not attended on your Lordship at this tyme proceding only oute of a great feare of your Lordshipes wrathe & hevy displesure conceved againste me; which I have harde by verye many hathe bene more styrred of late then of a longe tyme before, thorrow sondry Informacions of my vndutifullnes towardes your Lordship whereby I have doubted your Lordship wolde now faule into the same manner of offence againste me which hertofore your Lordship hathe done, espetially once at Sheffeld castell at ye same tyme the Earle of Leycester was at Buxstons, whereby ther entred into me then suche an Impression of vehement grefe And vexation of mynde thorrow conceyte of a dutyfull vnkyndnes as the same wente nerer my lyffe, or losse of my pore wytts & sences, then is allmoste possible for your Lordship to conceve or beleve And albeit I righte well know yat I owghte, bothe by the lawes of god nature & men, patiently to beare what correction by wordes or deedes, it shall please your Lordship to laye vppon me (knowinge well the same muste nedes fyrste procede oute of a fa...my welldoyng) yet is there suche an inward instyncte of...at when any suche wordes shall procede oute of your...as sheweth the wonted love which I know ... & cleane altered; I am then presently ...of mynde yat bereves me of all comforte of lyffe; And ...e as nothing but godes omnipotent grace can restore me ffor better proffe wherof & yat this procedethe oute of suche inclynacion, & nothynge els, I will in all duty & humblenes subiecte my selfe to any other manner of correction ether by dispossession of any erthly benefytes in present or future or any other way of losse or punishment whatsoever, so as it myghte ples[e] your Lordship to forbeare to chastyse me with the extreme rygoure of wordes which wolde depryve me of all ioy or comforte of lyffe or worldly thynges. And as nature hathe wroughte this effecte in me this way, so hathe the favorable & lovinge speches of your Lordship heretofore vnto me, wroughte the other way, as espetially ye laste tyme I did wayte on your Lordship at your goynge from London, when I returned the moste ioyed in harte yat ever I was in my lyffe, & so continued vntyll I sente one to your Lordship shortely after, vnto whom I harde your Lordship publikely vttered your former wrathe & great displesure agenst me./. Thus moste humblie on my knees becechinge your Lordshipes blessinge with my wonted bounden prayers for your Lordshipes moste perfyte healthe, honour & longe lyffe, I humblie cease this 9 of Iune .1586.

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