To my verie good Brother masterr Iohn Manners Esquire/ giue theise./
my verie good Brother./ I have received your letter for which I thank you and am verie glad to heare the good newes therein Conteyned./ I have not harde it so particulerly before but the effect thereof was written to me with thus much more, that theyr fynes were set downe thus viz. The Erle of Rutland thirtie thowsand./ The Erle of Bedford twentie thowsand./ The Lord Sandes twelve thowsand./ The Lord Crumwell fyve thowsand. and the Lord Mounteagle eight thowsandes./ I am verie glad to heare that the Erle of Rutland behaved himself so discreetly when he was before the Commissioners, no doubt but her Majestie wilbe most gratious and favorable to him herafter as hitherto she hath ben./ so being glad to here of your good health with my hartie Commendations doe end this xviijth of Maye. 1601/

Your loving Sister and moste assured ffrend


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