[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my honorable good
ffrende Sr ffrancys
Walsingham Pryncipall
Secretarye to her Matie
28 January 1581
The Countesse of Shrew

Touching her daught
ers portion
[Letter Text: Notes]
My honorable good frende yow vnderstande by my Lo: former lettres
howe it hathe pleased god to take from me my doughter Lennoux
to whose devyne Matie I muste submytt my self and all myne
as it pleaseth hym to dispose of vs, yor wonted favo.r and
honorable dealinge shewed to me hath made me nowe to resorte
vnto yow as to my approved good frende/, my assured truste is
that her Matie of her accustomed gracious goodnes towardes
me will lett the same portion It pleased her to bestowe on my
doughter Lennoux and my Iuell Arbella, to goe [deletion] to the
child, for her better education and trayninge vpp in all good
vertue and Learninge, and so [deletion] she maye the soner be
redye to attende on her Matie. The Childe nowe growinge
into more yeres shall stande in more nede of the more seruantes
and teachers, I nothinge doutt but vppon the ^your^ good mediation
of yow her Matie will thinke this portion litle inoughe for
the Childe./, And thus good Mr Secretarye besechinge yor
accustomed frendelie care to recomende this my suite and
peticion to her Matie, And that yow will gyve my sonne
William Cavendishe Leave to attend on yow from tyme to tyme
to knowe yor good pleasure I ceasse Sheffeilde this xxviijth
of Ianuarye/

your assuryed louyng

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