[Address Leaf]
To my sune gylbard
talbott to be delyverd
to my wyfe the
countes of Shrewsbury
[Letter Text: Notes]
wyf I Am sory to here you Arre nott well Recovered as
yett of [deletion] this desees butt swetynge [deletion] ho so is Abell to Abyde
it is the sureste Remedy I thanke you for causenge gylbard
to wryt to know how my hande dothe it is mych bettar
I thanke god & yor good wyll for wyschenge it soo/ now this
last nyght I Intarcepted bagshaw found folysch lettares
where in you may see his delynge & how what trost he
hathe putt in yor daughtare./ it were good you loked
to that yonge fellow goodere he is Atruste fellow lyttell to
hur honor & smawle deskresyon Remenes in him/ I love
nott to dele in thynges I shall have smawle thank forre
butt wysch well wych is All I can doo/ besy hedds wylbe
okupyed nedeles so I end that mattar it were good
you loked to sutton ho is made Aspye to gyve bagshaw
Intellygens/ & for bentles lettar cend for him ^to you^ &
delyvar him his lettar yor celfe openyd & Intarcepted
by me & so show him that he may perseve you vndarsta...
^bagshaw^ his Inderete delynge I have no more to say butt
that I made my selfe sport At his lettares to see how
onest Avergen he wold make hur so wyschenge
to you as to my celfe this xj of september 1580/

Yor fethfull husband

G Shrewsbury

because the Redynge may perhapp
trobell you lett gylbard Rede
them to you & they wyll make you the
meryar to laghe At his folly

gylbardes ^yor^ boy boy cam
butt this mornyng & weted
At hennsfeld All

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