[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Lorde, And
my Lady.
[Letter Text: Notes]
My duty moste humbly Remembred./ I receaved yor L. lettre on thurs
Wednesday laste by the ffynysher, And accordynge to yor pleasure
have taken order that he shall have glasse to worke, & a roume
in Shrewsburye house to lye in, and to worke in. And after that
he hathe fynyshed the glasse, he may take in hande the mendyng
of suche roumes in yt yor L. house as by roughcastynge them and
seelynge them, as there shall be neede of, And then the season
wylbe better for yt purpose then at it is now. As for the
armes in glasse wch yor L. wrytethe yt Clarentius the harolde
did bespeake, and yt this bearer lyke him selfe did make stay of,
yt is trewe that he wente aboute to staye them, but the partye
yt is to doe them informed Clarentius therof, And so he proceeded
wth them ^notwthstandynge^ And as I here, it wylbe the fayrest glasse worke
that is, lyghtely, any where in englande to be founde, I did longe
synce informe Clarentius of the ffolly of this dolte in yt doyinge,
who takethe excedynge great paynes in the matter, and suche as
when yor L. seethe it, you wyll thynke yorself very muche
beholdynge to him, but I have not seene him yet synce I
receaved this lettre, for we have soughte one an other ^this day^ & yet coulde
not meete./ baudewyne was gone the day before that ye fynysher

May it please yor Ladyshypp/ my L. of
Lecester delivered me this lettre ^inclosed^ yesterday, wherein he sayde was ^was^ nothyng
but commendacions, for yt he lackethe leasure, And indeede the Lordes
hathe bene for this fortenyghte or more daly pestered wth sondry
pryvate sutes, commytted by the partyes to spetiall of them./

My wyfe remaynethe well I thanke god, but yet styrrethe not oute
of her chamber, And mr D Julio takethe very great payne
wth her. And thus we bothe ^my^ moste humbly crave yor honors
daly blessynge, wth our wonted prayer for yor longe contynuance in all honour moste perfyte healthe, & longe lyfe. at the
courte this xxviijth of february 1578. In haste./

Yor honours moste humble and
obedyent Lovynge sonne.
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Gilbert Tallbott

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