receue annsure that it was required that you would haue taken the sume you then receud and the rest of the fines you might than haue had for you to descharg so much of the prencipall and fath full promes mad that you shold 100 and 200l at atime receue the wholl in trest with in so short time as was tould you which might be dune with out my gret inconueneance to me what the some was my audet boke will show for the fines was mad oute to descharg my det to you and you were further tould vppon your delays that my occacions was such as would not sufer mony to ly by me the conclusion was you toke the sume you liked vppon arrearege now you are requitted sence you will perticuler is this that you will cast it you had then receued the mony in that sort and intrest as it was ofered with that you haue receued sence what would haue ben due at this day touching my lady deglis det as you call it I thinke prencipall and cretirs was long sence descharged in your furst leter you desire your mony at such times as your occasions will sufer and seme to be troubled that you haue ben as you ... mor neglected then others who you say had taken a wors corces with for ther det to the furst I returned annsuer to desir to know what dayes with conueniancy you might geue me to the end I might show you what I could doe of certaynty and if the wholl could not be satesfid in your time to geue you my fath full promes to doe it by such dayes as I would requir of you for the rest to this you only return me annsuer that at widsoure &c but that you saye is not the thing in questin betuext, &c not withstanding this is no satesfaction to my request I will doe all in my pore to prouid the whol agayns that time for you and tho I haue no hope to perform so much yet I doubt not but agaynst that time to gett a good sume which you shall not god willing fayl of and the rest I hope in resonabell time) or I will sell landes for it, to the second part of your furst leter I put you in mind of sume poyntes which as I thought might haue geuen you satesfacion that you wer not so neglected but it semes other waye I haue inquired the maner as you requir and

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