[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my lorde my
hosbande the erle
of Shrouesbury:
[Letter Text]
my dea... I now thynke
longe to ...ue you I trouste
your ... your shewder
ys g... thys tyme, you
for gett your none and I
thynke you haue loste the
remembrance I gaue you, I
prey you thynke I haue gret
nede of that whyche ys yn that
notte, sende the plomer wt
spede I prey you, hankes telles
me that ther ys vj querters
of as yll malte as euer he saye
comme, but cane not brewe yt
for wante of hopes, hankes
hathe bene here wt hys two
mene yn affecte euer sence ester
aboute brewynge of thre querters
brewynge of beare and one of
all, wher of moste ys spente of
the beare, and all the alle for
that yt was nought, ether ther
moste be better proueysyon made
or elles I shall thynge my none

meanes not to come here thys somer, I haue sende
you aleter of all the newyes I resauyed when you
haue peryoused and shoyed., I prey you retorne yt, I haue
sente you some letys and butter, and prey god for my Iuwelles
helthe C thys Thourday

your faythefoll wyff


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