xxj° Ianuarij .1568 The countesse of Shrewsbury.
your lorddshypp latters dyrected vnto my lord my husband and to me yn hys absence bearyng dayte the xiiij of thys Instant montthe of Ianuarye wos not delyuered vnto me before the xx daye of the same at vj of the clocke yn the euenynge/ surelye my Lord I wos muche greued because ther was nomore haste with delyuerye of the sayd letters consyderyng the weyghtye and great cawses dependyng thervpon / and my hummble dewtye and seruyse to be shewed yn the dyspache of suche thynges as the quenes mayestye requyrethe to haue yn redynes wythyn tutbury Castell/ the house beyng vnredye yn manye respecctes for the receauyng of the Scottytyshe queyne cominge at sodayne. I haue caused workmen to make furwyth yn redynes all suche thynges as ys moust needfull to be downe before her cominge and god wyllynge I shall cause furthwythe thre or fowre lodgyngs to be furnyshed wyth hangyngs and other necesaryes and rather then I shuld not with trewe and ffaithfull hart answere the trust reposed by the quenes mayestye I wyll lacke furnyture of lodgyng for my selfe. thus with my continvall prayer to god for the preseruacyon of the queenes most excellent mayestye and my hartye commendacyons unto your good lordshyppe I cease to truble you any further at thys present ffrom tutbery the xxj of Ianuary

your Lordship's assuryed frend


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