To the ryght honorable Sir Francys Walsingham knyght her magestys prencypall secretary,
1585 2 December The Countesse of Shrewbury
Syr I beseache you not to suffar Coppley to goe downe tyll my Lord Tresurar and you may examyn of both sydes my Lordship's dealings for the breache of her magestys order./ Coppley hath ben with my Lord Tresurar and hys answeare to hys Lordship as I heare ys that he can not partecularly answeare to thyngs, and desyars that one may be sente into the contrye to examyn mattars, thys ys the man that my vnkynde Lord wrete and sente worde by my sonne Henry Talbott to her magesty that should fully satysfye her magesty and others; that my Lord had not broken her order in the Least thynge; now the fellow pleads egnorance and would shefte yt of, and hopes besydes delay to haue one goe in the ende to sarue ther torne./ I beseache you suffar not Coppley to goe tyll my Lord Tresurars healthe and your Leasuar wyll sarue to heare the mattar of both partes./ and then I doubte not but agreate parte of the wronges my lord ys made to doe wyll appeare playnly; aftar yf yt be your pleasuars to sende an endeferent man; yf anythynge rest doubtfull, I shal not myslyke, but I trust vpon the hearing of the matter all wrongs wyll appeare playne.// ... so trusting you wyll pardon me for trobuling you with my tedyus screbeling I cease; praying the Lord to prospar you and yours to your owne hartes desyar; thys thursday nyght./

your faythfull frend


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