To my honorable good frend/ Master Secritory walsingam
1582 7 February The Countesse of Shrewsbury
on the behalfe of Master Iohn Wingfield
good master secretorye I presume so much of your accustomed fauor as I styll make bould to be a troblesome sutor vnto you, and nowe to requeare your Lyke frendshepe for the quallyfying of a dyspleasuar I heare her majesty conseued for the maryage betwext the countys of kente and master Ihon wengfeld my nephewe. I would be ryght sory her majesty should contenew in any dyslyke of them with any being most dutyfully affected towards her hyghnes as I know they are can not bear without extrem grefe./ and albeyt he were not of such Leueing as myght merryt so good a maryage yet being a Ientylman and of that house wherof dyuars haue most dutyfully sarued her majesty and her prodecessors and he also of honest dyscrete conuarsatyon and very zealously religious in the trewe feare of god so as he can not but showe hym selfe amost obedyent subiect to her majesty I trust her hyghnes welbe easly parswaded to thenke of them as they shall dyssarue, wher vnto yt shall [please] you to be ameane for them at my instance I shalbe ... bound ... therby as I am dyuarsly hereto fore ... ... then I can any way dyssarue more then by my faythfull goodwyll to doe you what pleasuar may Lye in ... me, and so pray the almyghty to sende you Longe healt[h] and what else may be to your greatest felecetye./ Sheffeld thys vijth of february

your assured Louing frend


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