[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my verye good
ladye my ladye
Sentlowe geffe thys
[Letter Text: Notes]
good madame my humble commendacyons to yor Lad
I wold hav wold hav bene with you or now
but that be reason of rowmes dystyllynge into
my brest I have soche horsenes that vnethe you
could here me spek/ whereapon hath folowed
the coughe of the longes that hath putt me to
a mervoulouse payne/ I am well amended of my
horsenes but not of my cowghe specyally yn the
nyght yt holdythe me sore/ and yf I take the
ayre wors so lytel I cawghe vnreasonablye
but as sone as the wayther ys fayr I wyll see you
yf I be enye thynge next/ goodmadam/ I do
nat beleev that mean your lettr I shal receve
enye money of Mr Clerke and streghte I beseche
you yf yn eny wysse can to helpe me
wyth one handrythe poundes or yf ye can
nat helpe [deletion] ^me to^ so muche to helpe me to fyftye
poundes and ye shall have eyther my lease
of hethe cote myne or els... landes I
hau yn aldwecke yn morgage for the
same/ suche madame yf you wylbe so good
to helpe me to the some betwyxt thys and
the xxvijth daye of ^this^ Ianuary I shalbe muche bounden
to you for the same for if I have yt not
be that daye yt wyll come to late to serve
my turne thus takyng my leve and prayyng
you of answere wythe my hertye comendacyones
do wyshe vnto [deletion] you and all yours as vnto
my selfe from hardwycke the xxth daye of
thys Ianuarye

your most lovyng brother duryng my

Iames Hardwyk

and I shalte geffe you for the Interest
of the same mony what you wyll

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