[Address Leaf]
To the right honorable my
singuler good Ladie the,
Countesse of Shrewsburie
dowager at Hardwick./
[Letter Text: Notes]
Good Madam I receiued a very kynd lettre from yor La. by my
Sonne Georges seruant wch was much to my comforth to vnderstand theirby
yor honorable and naturall affection for the birth of this child/ whom I
I pray god almighty to blesse and prosper wth all good giftes yf it be
his wyll/ and because my sonne now doth waite vpon yor La.
him self to know yor pleasour about the christenyng I rekon it a part
of my duty to geue yor La. most humblle thankes for the honourablle
fauours shewed both to me and myne wch I haue many ^waies^ receiued from
yor good La. I wold in deed haue bene parsonally at the christenyng
my self but that I fynd my body not ablle well to trauaill
and so ready to be commaunded by yor La. for my small porcion of
power I pray god almighty euermore to preserue you in all honour
and felicytie/ from haddon this xviijth day of Iune
[significant space]

Yor La. humbly allwais
to commaund

John Manners

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