[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my very Lovinge
cosin harry ffoliambe
of Derrick Esquier
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
Good cosin ffoliambe. I am geven to vndrstand that this
Whytson weeke was apointed for determeninge an order
towchinge Elizsabeth fflint wedow/ for that her
husband lately dyed intestate./ at wch conclusy...
becawse shee thinkes yt behoves her to have my
servant Rolland her brothr/ and vpon vrg...
cause to ymploy him otherwyse, Let me intreat
you to defer the matter vntill Trynety
Sunday: as also to vse very frendly consideracion
towards the wedowe/ and the rather for that I
wilbe loathe to see her wronnged/ wherin
seing the case so standes, as yor frendship
and well handling the matter may stryke the
stroake/. I nothing rest in doubte of yr forw
forwardnes and favor to her cause/ the
wch I shall take in very tha...kful...
sorte and not be found vnmyndfull ...
may do you plasure/ wth m...
very harty commendacions I bid ...
farewell. Chatsworthe the ...
of Iune/

Yor Lovinge cosin


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