[Address Leaf]
To my sarvante
Thomas baldwen
[Letter Text: Notes]
Baldwen I perseve by my wyfe hur grete
want & where you wrytt in yor Last Lettar
what dettes were demaunded more than you
hadde to pay yett consyderenge hur nede there
I want my celfe for my nedefull vses see hur
payde A [deletion] hunderethe pound towardes the quens
nueregyfte/. & ... my L Kepar paye
therto sev... pounde to wylle cauendysche
for my L keper my lade cebbam & mr
Atorney & see if it be possybell to strech yor
credett see if you can helpe my wife to pay CCli
to make vpp hur vC I gave hur or at the leste
the those summes you Arre most Abell to pay Lett
me know that I may send vppe money
as it cum to my hands & move those that
may best spare bere wt me for Awyle
see my wfe payd in Any wyes/. & where
as I shuld have [deletion] sent to Aldar in
pos polyson for led see if you gan l...
of him x fethares lede & see it sent to his
house tololds/ & se mr walsengam nuergyfte
be good & my L tresurares & so I sees this
xxviij decembar 1578//

yor L & mr

G Shrewsbury

I prey you delyuer
thys money to wyll
Cauendysshe wt all spede
for yt standyth me erely
apone your mystrys/

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