[Address Leaf: Notes]
To the Right honorable my espetayall
good Lord the Lord Brughley
Lord Tresurar of England
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[Letter Text: Notes]
my espetiall good Lord; I weare aboue measure vnthankfull; yf I shoulde
not acknowledge that noe man hath bound me Lyke vnto your Lordshipe
for since I was furste knowne vnto you I haue tasted of your
fauor; and in my Laste and greatest misfortune, was in the end
only by your compassione and goodnes, brought to that quiett I
possessed./. your Lo:p kynd letter ys an excedynge comforte to me
and your Iudgment therin of my latt husbands disposition moste
trew as some cercomstances before his death declared, wth the generall
spoyll mad of his goods by thos bad Instruments wch contenewed
the seperatione begun by amyghteer hand./ but I hope my good Lord
that all disagrement (in this famely) died wth him; quiett ys my
prencipall desire; and I shall rather suffer then enter into
controuersy; yf Iniuries be not vntolerable, wch perswation of
peace by your Lo:p ys exceedinge graue, very honorable, and moste
frendly./ my moste honored Lord, I beceach your Lo:p know
that I greatly reuerence your Lo:p and though my frendshipe ys
not worthie enough, yet as yt ys, and to the very highte your
Lo:p shall eyer commande yt, for I am mightyly bounde thertoo,
so wishing your Lo:p many prosperus and happye days I take my
Leaue of your good Lo:p, at sheffeld this xixth of desembar

your Lordshipes and so


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