[Address Leaf]
To my wyef the
Countesse of

I pray you send me Acres
so sone as you can for I
maye spare him no longer
[Letter Text: Notes]
wyef I haue receaved yor severall lettres and am at this
present so trobled wth paine and stifnes in my hand that
I cannot write my self and therefore deferre the
answeringe of the same wch I will fully do so sone
as it shall please god to restore the streinth of my
hand that I may write wch I hope will be very
shortly I haue retorned vnto you my L of Leycesters
lettre and praye you when you write againe let his
L. vnderstand that because I perceaved by his last
lettre vnto me it was doutfull how sone I shulld
obteyne graunte of paiment I haue staied furder
writinge vnto him therin havinge no dout of his L
good remembrance & furderance therof when occasion
might serve And so comitt you to godes tuission
this xth of october 1580

Yor faithfull husband

G Shrewsbury

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