To my very good daughter the Covntes of Shrousbury
my owne good daughtar; some make doubte; that your Lordes greate fauor towards sir Iohn Berrone wyll be frende samone that murdered my cosin Leake more then he deserneth; I know my good sonne to be so honorable that he wyll not frende so wecked a matter. I assure my selfe that you both would haue righte preuayll, and your cosins bloud so foulle spylte requeareth your reasonable assistance to brenge the murderar to hys tryall; therfore I pray you good sweete harte to moue my honorable good sonne that yf he please not to further the brenging of samone to hys dewe Iudgmente as the extremetye of hys facte shall geue cause vpon the euedence; yet at the Leaste that he wyll nowayes ether hendar that or other ways countenance or befrende sir Iohn Berrone or hys followars therin; so praying god to blesse you my deare sweete harte, my honorable good sonne and all yours I cease at hardwecke thys xviijth of february./

your Loueing mother./

EShrouesbury / / /

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