To the Quenes most excellent Magesty
9. January 1602 Countess of Shrewsbury dowager to the Queen.
Most Gratius Souereigne./ I cannot sufficiently in words expres the infinite and great comforte I haue continually reseued by your Majesties most princely fauors to me, & now by your Majesties most gratius letter & message sent by Sir Henry Broukhorne, who will particulerly informe your Majestie of all things here./ his presisenes at his first comming to kepe the offence from me, till he had priuatly talked with Arbell did make me dobtfull yat your Majestie had som suspition in me; but when I considered your Majesties great wisdom in it, I did in my harte most humbly thank your Majestie for commaunding yat course to be taken./ These matters were vnexpected of me, being altogether ignorant of hir vayne doings, as on my saluation & allegeance to your Majestie I protest. Notwithstanding hir vanitie, I rest most certeyn of hir Loyall and dutifull mind to your Majestie/ But seing she hath bene content to here matters of any moment & not to imparte them to me, I am desirus & most humbly besech your majestie yat she may be placed elswhere, to lerne to be more considerate, & after yat it may pleas your majestie eyther to accept of hir service about your Majesties most Royall person, or to bestoe hir in mariag which in all humilitie & dutie, I doe craue of your Majestie for I cannot now assure my self of hir, as I haue donne./ The Almightie god for euer preserue your Majestie and confounde your enemies./ from Hardwyck the ixth of Ianuary. 1602.

your Majesties/

most humble saruant and subiect.


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