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To my synguler good
ladye & mestres the ladye
Seyntloo delyur these//
[Letter Text: Notes]
I haue Receuyd the instructcyon & the bokes for mr wyllyam
candysche wt the othr bokes./ brocke as I do here ys lothe to
departe owt of the howse at shotell there wylbe sute made
for hym there to Remayne as I take it: he hathe had warning
to avoyde nowe before or ladye daye/ dyckynes shalbe wt your l
at london god wyllng on Sondaye the xth daye of marche next
wt as moche moneye as I can gete ether he shall com wt the
caryer of derbye or wt the caryer of tutburye I ame in dowte
yow shall not haue yor moneye of the mr sturle nowe to
serue yor turne for yor payment Iohn Sotton hathe spoken wt
bothe wt Iohn sturle & wt sir antony sturle there ansewers you
shall haue by Iohn Suton/ you dyd wryte that yow wolde
not haue the inde of the grete galery next the grete chaumr
selyd but a portall ther to be made he Iamys Ioyner is in hande
wt the portall he had onse framyd the seleng worke someparte
therof his altoryd for the portall not moche I do not vnderstande
your meneng for the cornysche I am sure yow wyll haue
the cornysche to be as the Rest is & of lyke heyght let me
knowe yor plesure farther therin in the meane seson he shall goo
forewarde wt the portall yow most haue a portall at the//
coming in to the galery as nycolas tellyth me/ let me knowe
wethur he shall do the seleng fyrst or the portall/ I shall
asserten yow by dyckynes of the close yow sholde purchase of
wattewodde yow most take hede howe yow dele wt hym for
he is acraftye yomon as I am tolde/ but for this close I
shall larne that I can/ yf it be all Redye fownede by
prsentment of xij mene to be consylyd lande then the matter
is sure I were/ the beter for yow to dele wt/
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I do nat here nothing from harry cokes wyffe I do thyngke she
shall Remayne quyet where she is tyll yor l commyng hom
I dyd sent hyr worde to com & tell me yf she were molestyd
but she is not that I do herof/ mr I haue not harde from
hyr this monyth & more I haue sent hyr worde that I wolde
come & speke wt the man that dothe haue the howse yf
nede Requyryd/ So that harry coke shall haue no nede to
trobull hym selffe for that/ yor l mother mistress leneger wt all
the chyldre be in helyth & merye thanckes be geven to god
who prse yor l in helythe ffrom chatteseworth the xxvjte of

by yor obedyent seruant §

Iamys Crompe//

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