[Address Leaf]
To the Ryght honorabell...
my very good lord
my L burghly L
tresurar of
22: Jun 1579
The Erle of Shrowsbury
to my L.
The tenantes of Ashford.
[Letter Text: Notes]
My very good L as I Am lothe to trobell yor L
wt Any brablyng mattares. so wold you take it
vnfrendly if whan Any thynge of Importans hap
me I forbere to crave at yor handes those frendly
you Arre wyllenge to doo./ there is sarten lewde & ...
persuns coppy holdares in Amanare of my wyfes called
Asford wtin this counte of Darbe that beinge bo
boldened wt the favore my tenantes ha of gloss...
hadde lately At the courte & there Retorne wtoutte
ponesmente. dare & doo presumme to perswade th... members to Ioyne wt them in complentes & exclamacy...
to hur ma.te Rathare sekenge hur mate vnquyete
thereby than Apon Any Iust cause At All
& where sum of them of late made petecion
to me for Redresse of there supposed grefe & I
apoynted this daye to here there grefes wyche I dyd
wt promes that my celfe wold this weke see
the plase where they suppose wronge to be. &
gyve ordare if cause were for Reformasyon to there
Resonabell contentemente. & yett nottwtstandenge
sum offe them as I Am Informed cett ^towardes^ the courte
wt commplents to her ma.tie wherefore good my to A...
the lyke presumsyons & Inconveyences maye
grow thereby. Lett me have yor nobell frendly
favore towardes the ponesment of those bade
persvns of Asford woh now complene Agenst my
wyfe & wt no Reson can be satesfyed & helden At
home & yett doo nott I seke to hyde or kepe from
yor knolege any wronge or extremyte can they can Immagen
my wyfe hath done to them/ but wold nott have her mate
trobled wt any complents./
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out of thes partes where All is quyett but these
few lewde persuns. if therefor yor L wt sum my L
& othare of the counsell wyll take the penes to ...
the cause of there complentes & what can be sayd one my
wyfes behalf thervnto or if they be nott therwt conten...
to compell them to seke there Remede in sum hur mates court...
where they beste lyke & yett nott to escape wtout
ponesmente due for there prosumsyon. this is my
Requeste to yor L & to my LL of ^othares of^ the councell one
my wyfes behalfe/ that it may be sum tarrore
to the lyke offendares & so Refarrenge vs holy to yor
L frendly consyderacyon I take my ^leve^ of yor good
Lordship wt my wifes most harty commendasions
Chatsworth xxij of Iune 1579

Yor L evare Assured

G Shrewsbury

Good my lorde yt shall falle out yn proffe that
thoyes at asshorde [deletion] ^whych^ conplene[deletion] haue nether
wronge att all nor are preuyudysed by me any
wayes I desyre nothynge more then the
truthe may apeare to your .L. and the
reste of the lordes of har magystyes
consell my only feare ys leste har
magystye shulde be trobeled wt ther
complentes wherof as of all the reste
that apertenes to me your .L. wyll hau...
as frendly care as I cane wysshe and
therfor leuynge my sone forder to ynforme
your .L. therof I take my leaue of your good
.L. wt my moste harty comendacyon to my
good lady burley and my lady of oxforde

your .L. moste assuryed louynge

[Overleaf: Notes]

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