[Address Leaf]
To the right honorabell my very
good frend. Sr Robert Sicill
knight; hir ma.ties principall
20: May 1595
The Countess of
to my Mr./
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
my honorabell good frend; hering Lately that hir ma.ty had made
speciall choyse of you, for hir hyghnes principall secretary, I
reseued great comforte therby, [deletion] in regard, of the honor, and
loue, I beare you./ The honorabell remembraunce, the
whole realme reteyneth, of your most nobell father, placed in
yt rome you now are in, wyll make euery on expect no less
good of you, carying yt name, and being sonne to so worthy a
counselor;/ hir ma.ty in hir great wysdome and for
your owne worthynes hath called you to this place, as on
metest for hir hyghnes seruice, wch all good subiects are to
reioyse at./ I pray you remember me in the
kindest maner to your nobell and vertuus Lady, my very
good frend./ and so beseching god to bless you wth all honor
and happines, I ceass./ from hardwyck the xxth of may

your assuryd faythfull frend


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