To the Right honorable Sir Robert Cecill knight, principall Secretarie to hir Majestie/
6. February: 1602
Old Countess of Shrewsbury
It maye please you good Master Secretarie./ Arbell is nowe in minde as she sayth to make the parties name she favoreth knowne to hir Majestie by any yt shall please hir highnes to send hither, as maye appeare by hir owne letter to you hereinclosed./ ffor that Sir Henry Brounckar hath ben ymployed before in theise matters, hir humble suit is that he maye be sent agayne./ he is a verie discreete gentleman, she sayth she woulde more willingly impart hir minde to him that doth alredie vnderstand some part of theise matters, then to an other./ I wishe she had ben better advised, then to have entred into any of theise courses without hir Majesties good allowaunce and appoyntment./ The Almightie forever prosper hir sacred Majestie And so wishing you all honnor and happines I will take my leave./ ffrom hardwick this vjt. of ffebruarie 1602./

your uery assured louing frend


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