To the Right honorable my verie good frend Sir Robert Cecyll knight principall Secretary to her Majestie/
1601 Countess of Shrewsbury Dowager to my Master
Good Master Secretarye, I pray you beare with me for being so troblesome to you, I must Contynewe my former suit, that yt may please you to afforde your honorable and good favoure to my sonnes according to Iustice and equitye in their Cause, which dependeth before you and others, by her Majesties Comission for Confirmacion of patentes, wherin you shall greatly binde me to you: And so praying god to graunt you long and happie health I take my leave., ffrom Hardwick the xxviij of Aprill. 1601./

yours euer assured to my litle power


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