[Address Leaf]
To the Righte honorable my
very good sonne and daughter
the Earle and countys of
/ / /
La: of Shrowsbury
15 Ian aft 160...
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
my good sonne and daughter, I thanke you for your sendin...
to me; I thanke god I am very well./ I shall be moste
hartely glade to see you; you can not goe to any wher
you shalbe more welcome.// I pray god to graunt you
a happye day of monday, and euer to prosper you in all
your procedings, I desire that matter to goe no better
then I know you haue right to.// I am well contente
that any ther; that hath harde me speake of yt shall
vpon any othe declare what they haue harde me to say
wch I wyll euer be ready to Iustefye; yf anythinge
more Lye in me to doe at this tyme Let me vnderstand
yt; I am as desirus yt should goe well as your selues
can be, so in haste I wyll cease praying the almighty
euer to blesse you and yours wth all happynes; at
Hardwecke thys xvth of Ieanewary

your Loueing mother


daughter I am sory that
Charles ys no better. I pray you
write to him to kepe good dyate.//
yf your busynes wyll suffar you, you may both
Lye heare during the tyme of your tarrying in the
contrye, and haue any to attende you that shall haue
occasione; or as your busynes requeares.// I shall
thenke Longe tyll I see you both


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